• Astrology Guidance for self-understanding. Calculating the time, date and place of your birth offers a snapshot of planetary influence on your life! Revealing the gifts and challenges you came with to grow your soul.

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    • Natal Moon sign, position, aspects to other planets for you to tune in with your emotions nurturing your needs as well us receiving an insightful message from the current Lunar Cycle to understand your present-needs.

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    • A healthy relationship is based on open communication, a commitment to improving it and the honouring of each parties individual needs. Synastry to see where the lessons will be and why you met each other.  And analysis of the couple itself to see beyond the individual needs and lessons of you both to grow together.

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    • Do you have a child? Children Birth Chart analysis helps you to nurture their emotions and connect with their mind!!! Balance energies and create and harmonious living space for your little star!

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    • Moon Energies

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    • Astrology Energies for weekend 18-20 Dec 2020

      Life is passing so fast since Mercury moved to Sagittarius… It is incredible how with 💡Mercury in Sagittarius ♐we move quickly form one thing to another and our ideas expand… adapt or forge them to something new…. Mercury is heading to meet the Sun direct this time activating our minds before it moves to Capricorn on Monday HAPPY FRIDAY WITH VENUS🌟 NOW IN SAGITTARIUS♐ FOR US TO

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    • Mars direct in Aries to take action!

      What do I want? What is important to me ? It’s time to take action!! MARS GOES DIRECT ON 14 NOV 2020 AT 11:35 am @ 15 deg of Aries. It is like when the indigenous people from South America are something beautiful and useful. They weave colourful tapestries that show the beautiful surroundings of their nature. So there is a message of doing something to make your living but also something

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    • Apr


      A Cosmic Afternoon with the Powerful Moon and Venus

      Come along on Sunday 15 April under the courageous Moon in Aries and Venus in one of her homes -sign of Taurus, to be aware of the changes ahead in 2018.

      This is a year for self growth! Join our workshop to know the 
      cosmic energies for 2018 and tune in with the Moon to take care of your emotions, and connect with your feelings through Venus' journey to kiss the Sun aligned with us. 

      In this workshop Cecilia will talk about the Moon and Venus in each Zodiac Sign, the collective mood it creates and the activities in general that it favours. You will learn why some days are busier,why some days are more relaxed and why some days are just dreamy.

      The workshop includes the Moon Calendar for 2018 the Emotion stickers and a birth chart snapshot to make the most of the workshop and personalise your experience

      COST : $100.00 
      For those that already have the Moon Calendar the cost is $70.00

      When you reserve your place please provide your birth details
      (date ,place and time of birth) for a birth chart snapshot

      Venus, the Greek Goddess of love, has been the inspiration for the 4th edition of the Moon Calendar

      Facilitator -Cecilia Lugo-Anderson - Consulting Astrologer, Artist and author of the Moon Calendar since 2015. 
      To book contact Christine 674 8808 or 0416 132751
      Cecilia at stelliumlight@gmail.com

    • Astrology November 2020

      © Zodiac Inspirations Australia - credit picture Welcome November 2020 – the month brings an intersection point with Mercury and Mars going direct, the illumination of the Full Moon in Taurus accompanied by the awakening Uranus, the Sun in Scorpio flowing with Neptune still retrograde, an intense New Moon in Scorpio followed by the shift of the Sun to Sagittarius preparing us for eclipses

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      Virgo New Moon 🌑♍️

      “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Leo Tolstoy – Sun & Moon in Virgo. New Moon in Virgo 17th September 2020 at 9:00pm– The New Moon in Virgo Invites us to tailor our habits to adjust to our reality and balancing our well-being and our daily routines. This New Moon occurs under Venus challenging Uranus = we need to leave space

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    • Maximize your potential through your personalised astrological report!

      Be Guided by the energy of the heavens. Consider your Birth Chart as the Map etc etc NEED A FEW MORE WORDS

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