• Astrology Guidance for self-understanding. Calculating the time, date and place of your birth offers a snapshot of planetary influence on your life! Revealing the gifts and challenges you came with to grow your soul.

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    • Natal Moon sign, position, aspects to other planets for you to tune in with your emotions nurturing your needs as well us receiving an insightful message from the current Lunar Cycle to understand your present-needs.

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    • A healthy relationship is based on open communication, a commitment to improving it and the honouring of each parties individual needs. Synastry to see where the lessons will be and why you met each other.  And analysis of the couple itself to see beyond the individual needs and lessons of you both to grow together.

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    • Do you have a child? Children Birth Chart analysis helps you to nurture their emotions and connect with their mind!!! Balance energies and create and harmonious living space for your little star!

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    • Journal with Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius 2021

      Belief in yourself is very important at the moment with 5 celestial bodies: Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Sun and Venus in forming a stellium of planets in Aquarius during the month of February 2021;  This Stellium or condensed amount of energy is in the positive sign of Aquarius Aquarius. This is the Waterbearer Why? Aquarius represents the pouring out of knowledge from the Universe to our

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    • Aquarius New Moon

      “What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.” Emma Stone Happy New Moon in Aquarius – Sun and Moon together this morning are leading a stellium of planets in Aquarius: Mercury in Rx + Venus & Jupiter hand in hand + Saturn at the end of the stellium! The Universe is almost all on one side, but Uranus and

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    • Astrology Energies for weekend 18-20 Dec 2020

      Life is passing so fast since Mercury moved to Sagittarius… It is incredible how with 💡Mercury in Sagittarius ♐we move quickly form one thing to another and our ideas expand… adapt or forge them to something new…. Mercury is heading to meet the Sun direct this time activating our minds before it moves to Capricorn on Monday HAPPY FRIDAY WITH VENUS🌟 NOW IN SAGITTARIUS♐ FOR US TO

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      Mars direct in Aries to take action!

      What do I want? What is important to me ? It’s time to take action!! MARS GOES DIRECT ON 14 NOV 2020 AT 11:35 am @ 15 deg of Aries. It is like when the indigenous people from South America are something beautiful and useful. They weave colourful tapestries that show the beautiful surroundings of their nature. So there is a message of doing something to make your living but also something

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    • Maximize your potential through your personalised astrological report!

      Be Guided by the energy of the heavens. Consider your Birth Chart as the Map etc etc NEED A FEW MORE WORDS

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