• Astrology Guidance for self-understanding. Calculating the time, date and place of your birth offers a snapshot of planetary influence on your life! Revealing the gifts and challenges you came with to grow your soul.

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    • Natal Moon sign, position, aspects to other planets for you to tune in with your emotions nurturing your needs as well us receiving an insightful message from the current Lunar Cycle to understand your present-needs.

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    • A healthy relationship is based on open communication, a commitment to improving it and the honouring of each parties individual needs. Synastry to see where the lessons will be and why you met each other.  And analysis of the couple itself to see beyond the individual needs and lessons of you both to grow together.

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    • Do you have a child? Children Birth Chart analysis helps you to nurture their emotions and connect with their mind!!! Balance energies and create and harmonious living space for your little star!

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    • Moon Energies

    • Articles and Events

    • Sun-Neptune togetherness is the best energy for the Oscars in 2018

      We might see the world through 3D rose coloured glasses with the Sun & Neptune having a meeting in dreamland - 4-5 March 2018 - What better day than today for the Oscars. Sun & Neptune is a beautiful energy linked with any expression of art including the ones that are seen through lenses to magnify beauty… I calculated the chart for the Oscars and Ascendant is in Virgo and Midheaven

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    • Moon in Cancer during Mercury & Neptune annual meeting to inspire ourselves!

      The Moon arrived home –to the sign of Cancer. With the Stellium in Pisces formed by Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron, the Moon in Cancer invites us to spend time with our family, loved ones but also to find time to nurture our needs. The Moon will be growing as we will have the full Moon by the end of this week. We need to find our own time to inspire ourselves as under the romantic

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    • Aug


      Eclipses & Mercury in Retrograde - August 2017

      August brings a message to release old patterns with a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. Mercury turns Retrograde after the Full Moon Eclipse for us to review ideas… and 1 week later a total Solar Eclipse in Leo occurs to make a change; we can choose how to paint our Happiness.

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      Relationships & the breeze from Jupiter in Libra - SOLD OUT

      Jupiter, the planet associated with beliefs and equality, is transiting through the zodiac sign Libra (ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love) which means there is an opportunity to extend its reach in relationships working towards equality. But it has its tricks to know how to make it all work.

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      Highlighting Self Value with Venus and Mercury - SOLD OUT

      Learn about the energies of Venus and Mercury. Travel to the past with your birth chart snapshot finding clues to bring to consciousness what this may mean for you and get guidance on how to plant intentions with the New Moon in Aries to be assertive in relationships.

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      February’s Light of Change for Moon Lovers- SOLD OUT

      Work with the Moon Phases, planting intentions on January 28 and then blossom on February 11 with the Lunar Eclipse Lightening your uniqueness in an area of your Birth Chart. BOOK NOW



      Master 2017 with Astrology

      2017 will be a year to expand and experience the Art of Love.  Join us and learn how to tune into the Moon Energies to get the best out of every day.

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      Festival of Dreams

      Learn more about the New Moon and Moon Vision Boards …and  how to boost relationships in 2017 with Venus and Mars' dance through the Zodiac.



      Understanding the Moon Cycles

      Learn how to tune with the New Moon phase to plant your intentions. When to take action and reflect about your intentions. Plus tips for New Moon and Full Moon & Eclipses in 2017 + I will show you a New Moon Vision Board to master the year of 2017!!!

    • January New Moon in Capricorn - Wednesday January 17 @ 1:17pm @ 27 degrees of Capricorn!!!

      New Moon Blessings 🌑♑ This New Moon is the first New Moon of 2018 and Mercury is at his regular speed without any shadow. Mercury, the planet associated with our mind is in Capricorn and talking to Saturn the ruler of this disciplined sign. Saturn is the Master Teacher in astrology.   The New Moon is in Capricorn! Sun, Moon, Venus, Pluto, Saturn and Mercury are in Capricorn.

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      Moon in Sagittarius is telling Believe in yourself - Moon Calendar 2018

      Belief in yourself is very important at the moment with 5 celestial bodies: Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Sun and Venus in forming a stellium of planets in earthy Capricorn - Sunday 14 January 2018;  This Stellium or condensed amount of energy is in the disciplined sign of Capricorn asking us to be making a consistent effort to achieve something… for everyone it will be related with the area of

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