• Your Emotional Moon Analysis

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  • To have an awesome 2018, the Moon Calendar 2018 has a daily motivation based on the collective energies, and monthly zodiac-inspired art will highlight the motive of what is happening in our Universe to understand the collective potential.

    Plus Mercury in retrograde periods to review projects, planetary energy highlights to choose collective best days, and impact of eclipses and guidance to connect with the Universe: “As above, So below”


    Follow the planetary conversations and dance with them to make the best of 2018!

    In 2018 we have a busy sky and I have calculated and written applied astrology insights for you to take advantage of the energies.

    The Moon Calendar 2018 guides you through the following:

    • Moon through the zodiac signs, and Moon and Sun dancing through Moon Phases including 5 eclipses for 2018.
    • Loving Venus journeys to KISS THE SUN aligned with our Earth for you to connect with your deepest feelings to unleash your creativity and find your deepest passion within. (Venus Retrograde in Scorpio and some degrees of Libra)
    • Action Mars aligns to Earth for us to connect with our uniqueness to make decisions in our own way to progress with our goals (Mars Retrogrades in Aquarius and some degrees of Capricorn)
    • Disciplined Saturn and Original Uranus will be in Earthy signs flowing together in the middle of 2018 for us to consolidate new experiences.
    • Jupiter, the planet associated with abundance, will be in the deep waters of Scorpio for most of the time in 2018 encouraging us to connect with our deepest hungers!!!
    • Our Mind will have 3 breaks in 2018 to deal with all these energies with Mercury in Retrograde.
  • Personalised 2018 Moon Calendar - AUD60

    Your Personalised Moon Calendar includes

    •  Snapshot of your  Birth Chart (Planetary Energies at the Time, Date and Place of your Birth)
    • Highlighted with ICONS your best dates to nurture your emotions, to plan romantic dates and business deals.  
    • Free Shipping to any city in Australia 

    Please send an email to Cecilia to order your personalised Moon Calendar 2018

    Please include your  birth details ( Time, Date and Place of your Birth). 

  • ST Valentine PROMO = ONE 2018 Moon Calendar WITH 2 HEARTS AUD35.00

    The 2018 Moon Calendar highlights each day where in the Zodiac the Moon is. You and your partner were born under a Moon sign (natal Moon Sign) The Moon is associated with our mood and the need to be nurtured. I will show you the best couple of days  to nurture each other with 2 hearts per month!!! Get to know more about your emotions together in 2018 with Zodiac Inspirations Australia Moon Calendar

     You can use these pointers to ensure you optimise your day by fitting into the collective energy of the universe.