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    ARIES NEW MOON @ 22 DEG ARIES at 12 APRIL 2021 AT 12:30 PM TO PLANT INTENTIONS TO MAKE ACTION!!! To visualise your reality that fits perfectly to who you are!!  The Sun and the Moon meet supported by Mars in Gemini, but we need to make an effort because Mars (boss of Aries) is just smiling to the Moon and the New Moon is challenged by Pluto in Capricorn forcing us to transform our lives.

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    Pisces New Moon - 23 March 2021

    Pisces New Moon  The Sun and the Moon join @23-24 degrees of Pisces in company of Venus & Neptune dancing in our sky opening our heart, our creativity and imagination to heal. Something positive happened me yesterday after much sadness that made me feel that this new Moon is the Code breaker!!! Take advantage of this PERFECT TIME IN OUR SKY TO PLANT YOUR DREAMS AND THE PLANS TO MAKE

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    Aquarius New Moon

    “What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.” Emma Stone Happy New Moon in Aquarius – Sun and Moon together this morning are leading a stellium of planets in Aquarius: Mercury in Rx + Venus & Jupiter hand in hand + Saturn at the end of the stellium! The Universe is almost all on one side, but Uranus and

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