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  • New Moon Cancer 21 July 20

    Hi everyone, I saw Jupiter and Saturn in the sky and I thought I should share with you that it is very important to release stuck energy tonight before we plant our intentions tomorrow 21 July after 3:33 am and before 6:15 am under the 2nd New Moon in Cancer. "The New moon is forming tension with the trio in Capricorn suggesting that Honesty, Discipline & Hard Work +Believing in ourselves

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    Gemini New Moon 23 May 20

    Hi Moon Lovers! A new emotional cycle starts tomorrow with the GEMINI NEW MOON This New Cycle  is all about communication and we have Venus close to Earth (Retrograde) inviting us to re-evaluate our relationships with ourselves and others as well as our relationship with the way we make money and the value we give to who relates to us and what surrounds us. Picture is inspiration

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    New Moon in Taurus -  take care of the garden of our lives

    The Sun and Moon are joined together at 3 deg 24 min of  Taurus on Thursday 23 April @12:26 pm Australian Eastern Time. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, that represents stability (fixed) and practicality (earth) plus Taurus relates to our resources to make our own living. The symbol of Taurus is the bull, standing placidly in the middle of grass - but also relates to the happy farmer

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