• Astrology Guidance for self-understanding. Calculating the time, date and place of your birth offers a snapshot of planetary influence on your life! Revealing the gifts and challenges you came with to grow your soul.

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    • Natal Moon sign, position, aspects to other planets for you to tune in with your emotions nurturing your needs as well us receiving an insightful message from the current Lunar Cycle to understand your present-needs.

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    • A healthy relationship is based on open communication, a commitment to improving it and the honouring of each parties individual needs. Synastry to see where the lessons will be and why you met each other.  And analysis of the couple itself to see beyond the individual needs and lessons of you both to grow together.

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    • Do you have a child? Children Birth Chart analysis helps you to nurture their emotions and connect with their mind!!! Balance energies and create and harmonious living space for your little star!

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    • Moon Energies

    • Articles and Events

    • New Moon in Libra -29 Sept 2019

      New Moon @ 5 deg of Libra ©Zodiac Inspirations Australia Moon Calendar 2019 The Sun and the Moon join in the harmonious sign of Libra, offering us the opportunity to plant our intentions to boost our social life; incorporate diplomacy, tact and harmony when negotiating agreements and contracts; and be more aware about sharing in relationships, balancing our needs and those of others to

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    • Welcome September 2019

      September started very earthy with Sun☀️ Moon🌙 Mercury ☎️Venus💃 and 🕺Mars in Virgo ♍️Highlighting the need to work with our routines! But in a different way as Uranus in Taurus ⚡️♉️is offering its support for the next two weeks. Also Jupiter ✨ in Sagittarius forms an exact challenge to Neptune💫 in Pisces♓️ and at the same time both (Neptune and Jupiter)

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    • Apr


      A Cosmic Afternoon with the Powerful Moon and Venus

      Come along on Sunday 15 April under the courageous Moon in Aries and Venus in one of her homes -sign of Taurus, to be aware of the changes ahead in 2018.

      This is a year for self growth! Join our workshop to know the 
      cosmic energies for 2018 and tune in with the Moon to take care of your emotions, and connect with your feelings through Venus' journey to kiss the Sun aligned with us. 

      In this workshop Cecilia will talk about the Moon and Venus in each Zodiac Sign, the collective mood it creates and the activities in general that it favours. You will learn why some days are busier,why some days are more relaxed and why some days are just dreamy.

      The workshop includes the Moon Calendar for 2018 the Emotion stickers and a birth chart snapshot to make the most of the workshop and personalise your experience

      COST : $100.00 
      For those that already have the Moon Calendar the cost is $70.00

      When you reserve your place please provide your birth details
      (date ,place and time of birth) for a birth chart snapshot

      Venus, the Greek Goddess of love, has been the inspiration for the 4th edition of the Moon Calendar

      Facilitator -Cecilia Lugo-Anderson - Consulting Astrologer, Artist and author of the Moon Calendar since 2015. 
      To book contact Christine 674 8808 or 0416 132751
      Cecilia at stelliumlight@gmail.com



      Eclipses & Mercury in Retrograde - August 2017

      August brings a message to release old patterns with a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. Mercury turns Retrograde after the Full Moon Eclipse for us to review ideas… and 1 week later a total Solar Eclipse in Leo occurs to make a change; we can choose how to paint our Happiness.

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      Relationships & the breeze from Jupiter in Libra - SOLD OUT

      Jupiter, the planet associated with beliefs and equality, is transiting through the zodiac sign Libra (ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love) which means there is an opportunity to extend its reach in relationships working towards equality. But it has its tricks to know how to make it all work.

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      Highlighting Self Value with Venus and Mercury - SOLD OUT

      Learn about the energies of Venus and Mercury. Travel to the past with your birth chart snapshot finding clues to bring to consciousness what this may mean for you and get guidance on how to plant intentions with the New Moon in Aries to be assertive in relationships.

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      February’s Light of Change for Moon Lovers- SOLD OUT

      Work with the Moon Phases, planting intentions on January 28 and then blossom on February 11 with the Lunar Eclipse Lightening your uniqueness in an area of your Birth Chart. BOOK NOW



      Master 2017 with Astrology

      2017 will be a year to expand and experience the Art of Love.  Join us and learn how to tune into the Moon Energies to get the best out of every day.

      Come along with a friend and enjoy our special offer - 2 for $100 ($50 each) - BOOK NOW



      Festival of Dreams

      Learn more about the New Moon and Moon Vision Boards …and  how to boost relationships in 2017 with Venus and Mars' dance through the Zodiac.



      Understanding the Moon Cycles

      Learn how to tune with the New Moon phase to plant your intentions. When to take action and reflect about your intentions. Plus tips for New Moon and Full Moon & Eclipses in 2017 + I will show you a New Moon Vision Board to master the year of 2017!!!

    • Welcome June 2019

      We welcome JUNE during the weekend 1-2 June 2019 with the Moon loosing its light inviting us to be more introspective and intuitive to let go what we cannot change working peacefully with acceptance. Today the Moon is busy running to meet the Sun in Gemini tonight at 8:01pm – NEW MOON at 13 degrees of Gemini. Sun & Moon union is accompanied by Mercury, the ruler planet of the sign of

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      Aries New Moon to initiate and begin a new cycle taking action!!

      05 April 2019 at 7:50 pm The Sun and the Moon joins offering us a time to plant our intentions to take action to be in charge to our own life. What type of actions? SPONTANEOUS ACTIONS as Aries is a fire sign that makes changes (cardinal modality) . But Mars – Planet boss (ruler)  of this lunation started its journey in Gemini last Sunday, therefore our actions should be motivated by

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