• Birth Chart Portrait + Natal Moon & Venus Message - $60.00

                              Birth Chart Portrait Only - $15.00

    Your Birth Chart Portrait is an Artistic Planetary Snapshot at the time, date & place of your birth.
    Birth Chart PortraitMost of us are familiar with our star sign represented by the sun in a particular sign when we were born. But your Natal Moon sign tells about your emotions and your natal Venus talks about your pleasures and what you do to attract love and what you most value to relate.
    Birth Chart Portrait KitIncluded with your Birth Chart Portrait is an astrological message from your natal Moon.
    The zodiac sign, its moon phase and where it lives on your birth chart as well as your Natal Venus energy to connect with your feminine nature. We also suggest the best dates to pamper yourself each month.
  • Purchase your Portrait Natal Chart and your Venus / Moon Message- $60

  • Purchase your Birth Chart Portrait Only - $15

  • "Cecilia, I wanted to let you know how much you have changed the way I have been applying myself to different activities, love and life in general. You have made such a positive impact on me but pointing out traits that are beneficial and not so beneficial and I am learning to use what I have to make the best of situations. You are so very gifted and it was an absolute pleasure to see you work". CF