• Relationships and the Breeze of Jupiter in Libra by Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

  • E-BOOK - AUD15.00

  • Jupiter, the planet associated with beliefs and equality, is transiting through the Zodiac sign Libra (ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love) which means there is an opportunity to extend its reach in relationships working towards equality. But it has its tricks to know how to make it all work.

    40 pages with photos and fun to read including:

    • Astrology insights about Jupiter and the Zodiac sign of Libra
    • Highlights of Periods with Jupiter in Libra
    • Examples of 3 birth charts and how Jupiter in Libra plays out in each of them
    • A Love Story that did not work due to personal dreams being more important than keeping the relationship going
    • Tips and advice on how to maintain a healthy relationship!!!
    • Basic practical Astrology – Planets and areas of the horoscope to facilitate your understanding

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  • Jupiter in Libra Bundle (E-BOOK + Jupiter personalised message) AUD25.00

    E-Book + YOUR PERSONAL MESSAGE from Jupiter in Libra travelling through YOUR PERSONAL BIRTH CHART SNAP SHOT

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