• 2021 Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius Journal and Your Chart - Printed Copy - ONLY $50

    Before we print your purchase please send an email after your purchase with your birth details (time, date DD/MM/YY & Place of birth) so you can receive the snapshot of your birth chart with areas highlighted for you to focus the energy. Please note: delivery only in Australia!
  • Zodiac Inspirations Journal 2021 Part 1 with the Moon and Mercury Retrograde

    The purpose of the Journal is to put pen to our thoughts with the breeze of Mercury in Retrograde in Aquarius + Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Air is activated in 2021. Part 1 includes Astro-guidance on January through to April 2021 with the
    Journal Part 1 that will be delivered to arrive before the New Moon in Capricorn on 13 January 2021.
    It includes:
    Calendar grid personalised (Jan; Feb; Mar & Apr 2021) with emotional stickers aligning the Moon in our Sky and your Natal Moon (sign when you were born plus natal planets in the signs as you were born = Birth Chart energies) to syncronise your emotions and feelings with the energy in our sky!
    Follow the Sun (motivation) & Venus (LOVE) through the Zodiac & Moon(emotions) new Moon and full moon,  + Mercury Direct, Pre & Post retrograde Periods & Mercury Rx including a message personalised from Mercury Rx for you to focus! 
    For Moon Lovers who purchases the journal before the 11 of January will receive a personalise January 2021 by PDF  a so you can plan your month before your journal arrives on the 13th to your home by express post within Australia only.
  • Your Emotional Moon Analysis