• Happy #NewMoon ?☀in #Sagittariusfor tonight at 11:18pm Australia Summer Time!!!.
    If you have Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Sagittarius ♐ it is super important to create your Moon Vision Board   ?   But for all of us we have the area of Sagittarius in our Birth Chart and this area is getting positive energy to boost:
    Optimism, understanding, adventure, beliefs, higher mind, honesty, celebration generosity, expanding knowledge through travel & mixing with other cultures. Remember to plant your intentions with vision in long term 
    The new moon is for new beginnings and promotes growth and to boost confidence! The New Moon is @ 8 degrees of Sagittarius ♐
    • Tonight at 11:18 pm for NSW, VIC, & Tassie.
    • At 10:18 pm for QLD; at 10:48pm for SA & 9:48 pm NT and
    • At 8:18 pm for WA.
    Within 8 hours from your local time create your MoonBoard “Visualization”: In the picture is an example I have designed for you!!!
    Remember to clear your space with incense, meditate and light a candle. Sagittarius’ aromas are citrus, sandalwood and peppermint!!! and place a happy photo of yourself in the centre or your Moon Board.  Happy New Moon everyone!!! ?. (c) Cecilia Lugo-Anderson ✨ Blessings on New Moon
    Note: If you want to know how every New Moon in 2017 touches your birth chart I am running a workshop on 28 January 2017 in Sydney when the New Moon will be in the goal oriented sign of Aquarius plus information on Eclipses too and what they could bring for you.  Here is the link to know more and send me an email to know more – stelliumlight@gmail.com :  https://www.zodiacinspirationsaustralia.com.au/february-2017-light-of-change-eclipses/
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