• January 3, 2017 – It may be a tricky start to the week today with the Moon navigating the waters of Poseidon inviting us to daydream …

    We may merge night & day …with the Moon contacting its south node (past experience) in Pisces along with Neptune and Mars (warriors & past battles) inviting us to take care of our inner self fighting for our dreams…check if the dream is worth fighting for? Can it become reality? With Mercury in retrograde it is a good time for review.

    The Sun, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn bring earth energy balancing the watery sky until late afternoon… when Venus will jump into Pisces to unleash our imagination…

    Inspire yourself with Ruben Dario’s poem – Nocturne. Ruben Darío is a Nicaraguan writer, one of the greatest poets of the Spanish language who was born with Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Pisces.

    Have a beautiful Dreamy day. © Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

    Nocturne – Ruben Dario

    Silence of the night, a sad, nocturnal silence
    –Why does my soul tremble so?
    I hear the humming of my blood,
    and a soft storm passes through my brain.
    Insomnia! Not to be able to sleep, and yet
    to dream. I am the auto-specimen
    of spiritual dissection, the auto-Hamlet!
    To dilute my sadness
    in the wine of the night
    in the marvellous crystal of the dark…