• We have a double mix between fire and air combinations in our sky. Mercury in Aquarius smiles to Saturn in Sagittarius offering us excellent discipline with organising strength and clear thinking!!! We can talk clearly but we should address our conversations to ourselves as we are closing an emotional cycle…

    …The Moon is balsamic in Aquarius closing its cycle and tonight harmonises with Venus in Aries … the Moon in Aquarius is intellectual and with Venus in Aries is direct making a nice friendship in our sky for us to know what we want. Plus with Mercury and Saturn linking up today we can shape our ideas connecting them without drama of reality… don’t miss tonight the chance for a good gathering with friends… and a good meeting today.

    I am running an insightful workshop for a cosy group that wants to learn about Venus the goddess of Love that is taking a long journey in Aries offering us the opportunity to check your desires to reconsider your self-worth

    Come along to “Highlighting Self-Value with Venus and Mercury” and travel to the past with your birth chart snapshot. What does it mean for you? Interested? ?you would love to come along to ?

    When? March 25 from 9:15 to 1:00 pm @ Awareness institute (Sydney) to travel with Venus through the zodiac and its period close to earth getting transformed from the evening star to the morning star travelling behind the sun!!!

    The workshop is just $60 includes your birth chart and materials.

    For more information please check this link


    or send me an email to stelliumlight@gmail.com

    Have a beautiful Love day

    ©Cecilia Lugo-Anderson