• “ If you fell down yesterday, stand up today”. H. G. Wells

    Last Quarter Moon phase @ 28 degrees of Aquarius May 19, 2017  at 10:32 am. What can I do with my intentions I they have not bloomed yet ?

    See the possibilities in the future for some and leave the comfort zone that Sun in Taurus needs to feel secure and make something happen that it is the energy the Moon in Aquarius brings to us.

    Orson Welles was born under the Last Moon Phase in Aquarius on May 6th, 1915  Wisconsin USA. He began his career as a stage actor before going on to radio, creating his unforgettable version of H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds.

    “The program simulated a news broadcast, and Welles, as its narrator, described in breathless detail the alien invasion and attack on New Jersey. The program included news reports and eyewitness accounts, and sounded so real that listeners panicked over what they perceived to be a real event. When the truth came out, duped believers were outraged”.

    That is what I call someone who is awesome!!! The most amazing serendipity for me today is that H. G. Wells and Orson Welles were born with the Moon in Aquarius.

    • The English writer H. G. Wells – 21 September 1866 – Sun in Virgo & Moon in Aquarius
    • The American producer Orson Welles – May 6th, 1915 – Sun in Taurus & Moon in Aquarius

    Have an awesome Day!!!

    © Cecilia Lugo-Anderson