• Mercury in Gemini to communicate ideas… We must be quick as it will be at his home for only 2 weeks

    June 7, 2017 | Blog gemini | Cecilia
  • Mercury, the tiny but fastest planet in our Solar System, has arrived to one of his homes – the curious sign of Gemini!!!

    Mercury’s function is to transmit information = it receives & transfers data; just like the picture of 2 birds chatting & catching up sharing ideas. But also Mercury in Gemini influences collectively us awakening our curiosity about how things work… It reminds me of my eldest child who was born with Mercury, Jupiter and Sun in Gemini… that when they see a little note that says: don’t touch it – his immediate reaction is to touch it to see what happens.

    They have a very alert mind that questions everything and I could not get him to do something until I explained to him the benefits for him to do that or the other. I admire his mind, very clever, flexible with ideas and sharp with quick thinking. But what I most love from the Gemini mind is the sense of humour, their wit and their smart answers to get out of the trouble they got themselves into!

    We must take advantage of Mercury’s short stay at his home… Just 2 weeks from today June 7 – 21, 2017. Reading a good book is a way to feed your mind during Mercury in Gemini. Check out my new e-book about relationships that I am sure you would love!!!

    Have a good day

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