• Mars in Cancer is very active in our Sky! Mars is very strong It is travelling close to Mercury, planet associated with our logical mind that is in Cancer too… It is not actually logic that will address our action and thoughts. Instead it is the gut feeling or a hunch that makes us to make happen something that we feel is right!!!

    Mars, the planet of Action and Jupiter the planet of abundance are challenging each other, stimulating our desire to initiate something … but the energy can be aggressive …

    ?“Listen to your essential self when you feel longing, be patient and also prudent. When you feel craving, be moderate with eating and drinking. Be like a mountain in the wind. Do you notice how little it moves?” Rumi

    The Support Mars in Cancer ?receives from Neptune in Pisces, the planet of imagination, invites us to dream and hold it to keep the stamina working to get what we want!!!

    ?️Imagine the warrior inside of you reflecting in the mirror of your dreams to see the light that makes you strong to overcome any obstacle that wants to take away what you are about to battle for‼️
    This is a very powerful week – keep in tune Remember that Jupiter is direct in Libra for us to expand and improve our Relationships  look for my special to live E-Book or booklet if you live in Australia get your copy

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