• New Moon in LEO – July 23 2017 – to paint our joy and boost our creativity, romance & the will to live

    July 23, 2017 | Blog leo New Moon | Cecilia
  • New Moon in Leo ?♌ July 23 2017 at 7:48 pm AEDT to paint our joy and boost our creativity, romance & the will to live    ?     ?    !!

    Sun ☀️and Moon ?join @ 1 degree of LEO in company with Mars? colouring its powerful energy with stamina & passion.

    “Soft words turn away wrath, as harsh words excite wrath even in a gentle spirit: forgiveness will melt the most arrogant heart, as punishment will harden even the humblest…” Robert Graves – British writer, novelist, poet and critic, essayist and translator… What man of words! Born with Sun in Leo and the Moon in company of Mars in Leo – July 24, 1895 England.
    This New Moon highlights our will to live!!! Follow our heart to create, to love, to do whatever we do!!! Committed – Venus who is the love of Mars and its reason to fight for, is forming an opposition with responsible Saturn, indicating the importance of expressing our true feelings to know who we really can count with and with whom we do not.
    Our mind (Mercury in Leo too ) can show us the path we need to walk in order to grow as Mercury is with the North Node of the Moon – the mathematical point where the orbit of the Earth around the Sun and the orbit of the Moon around the Earth cross. It is the energy associated with the learning for this time of evolution.

    THIS NEW MOON is the first of TWO NEW MOONS in Leo in 2017and the next August is the Total Solar Eclipse, as it will happen within the path of the Nodal Axis. Two New Moons in Leo reinforce its message: Collectively Leo’s energy propitiates the sowing of our intentions regarding our children (who are our creations of Love)… finding time for fun, start an activity that brings joy and happiness! This is also the New Moon for romance – call your soul mate to find her/him … How? Writing and designing the personality traits of the person you would like to share the rest of your life with.

    Here is a line from a poem of love by Robert Graves to inspire ourselves. “Love is not kindly nor yet grim / But does to you as you to him” He grabbed the essence of Love in few words…

    Advice to Lovers

    I knew an old man at a fair
    Who made it his twice—yearly task
    To clamber on a cider cask
    And cry to all the lovers there:–
    ‘Lovers of all lands and all time
    Preserve the meaning of my rhyme,
    Love is not kindly nor yet grim
    But does to you as you to him.
    Whistle, and Love will come to you:
    Hiss, and he fades without a word:
    Do wrong, and he great wrong will do:
    Speak, and he tells what he has heard.
    Then all you lovers take good heed,
    Vex not young Love in thought or deed:
    Love never leaves an unpaid debt,
    He will not pardon, nor forget.’
    The old man’s voice was kind yet loud
    And this shows what a man was he,
    He’d scatter apples to the crowd
    And give great draughts of cider free. Robert Graves

    Blessings ?♌
    © Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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