• Now we are under the Lunar Eclipse energies that activate the polarity Air – Aquarius / Fire – Leo that relates to how my individuality can contribute to the society! How to balance the Universal laws with my personal desires.

    “Happiness is the art of releasing unpleasant memories giving a good use of our mind to create our own joy doing what we like to do” !!! That is the way I see happiness.

    August 2017 is offering us an opportunity to close a chapter in our lives to initiate a new way of being creators of our own Joy.

    Aug 8, 2017 at 4:10 am a powerful Full Moon Eclipse visible in Australia invites us to make conscious the use of our mind to create change breaking our ways of thinking.

    The Moon is eclipsed by the shadow of the Earth….  Uplifting energy telling us something must end… unpleasant memories? Toxic friends… objectives not met…


    But to do our work we need to believe in ourselves and facing the fears we might have to show everyone both sides of ourselves.

    The warrior Mars is with the Sun sending us courage to set boundaries  and with the Moon in Aquarius we need to think what are the things that make us happy to start doing it. The Awakener Uranus, the ruler of the eclipse as it is the boss of Aquarius (where the Eclipsed Moon is) just turned retrograde (is close to earth) last week for us to Re-connect with a missing part… something that is not letting us to move forward…

    Make some time on August 8 and write down what activities and things will help you to be happier!!!

    • How my own light can contribute to our society or group that share same interest?
    • How much of my own light is taken to be accepted as a part of a group? Finding the balance is the key

    And remember that Mercury is getting slow for us to digest all the changes that we need to improve working with our ideas.

    Happiness and Mindfulness can be achieved by journaling your thoughts. I have created a WORKBOOK to work with your insights “Journaling Ideas” ?Mini-diary with Mercury Retrograde during Aug 13 – Sept 5 + Eclipses and post Rx period (ends Sept 20).

    Cost $25 printed and sent to your address (Australia only) with your birth chart snapshot highlighting the areas for you to work with these energies ? Visit my website, click this link

    Mini Diary to Journal Ideas

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