• We might see the world through 3D rose coloured glasses with the Sun & Neptune having a meeting in dreamland – 4-5 March 2018 – What better day than today for the Oscars.

    Sun & Neptune is a beautiful energy linked with any expression of art including the ones that are seen through lenses to magnify beauty… I calculated the chart for the Oscars and Ascendant is in Virgo and Midheaven is in Gemini. Both signs are ruled by Mercury, the planet associated with our mind, and Mercury is with Venus in Pisces leading the Stellium of Planets in Pisces at the moment in our sky – Mercury, Venus and healer Chiron are at 27 deg of Pisces; The Sun and Neptune are forming a close union at 14 degrees of Pisces’ planet, adding a dreaminess & glamour to the red carpet… Neptune rules film, fantasy and imagination… We may feel wrapped by this energy…

    Jupiter, the planet associated with good fortune is in Scorpio getting closer to our planet (Retrograde Period is about to start…) and Jupiter is harmonising with Mercury and Venus… Lovely energies for this ceremony.

    The Moon in Libra is heading to face Uranus, the unexpected energy of the lightning bolt!!! I am expecting surprises!!! Not a surprise with the results because they are made before… But surprises in the way it is held on the night! I am leaving my T.V. recording to enjoy it fully tonight!!!

    The Moon also represents the audience and it will be surprises for all of us.

    My favourite Director and Movie this year is The Shape of Water by the Mexican Guillermo del Toro… Hope he gets an Oscar + my best wishes to “This Is Me” from “The Greatest Showman,” Benj Pasek, Justin Paul as best song

    The Oscars will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel who was born on November 13 1967 (I don’t know his time of birth… But I know that the Sun was at 24 deg of Scorpio & Neptune at 21 deg of Scorpio… which means he was born under the Sun and Neptune togetherness in Scorpio!!! What a great person to be the host under the astrology make up for today.

    Here is the list of 2018 Oscar nominations:

    Best Picture:

    “Call Me by Your Name”
    “Darkest Hour”
    “Get Out”
    “Lady Bird”
    “Phantom Thread”
    “The Post”
    “The Shape of Water”
    “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

    Lead Actor: There is a combination of wisdom and youth:

    • Sun Capricorn = Timothee Chalamet ( December 26 1995):Call Me By Your Name
    • Sun Capricorn = Denzel Washington (December 28 1954): Roman J. Israel, Esq.
    • Sun Taurus = Daniel Day-Lewis (April 29 1957): Phantom Thread
    • Sun Taurus  = Daniel Kaluuya (b. May 8 1989): Get Out
    • Sun Aries = Gary Oldman (b. March 21 1958): Darkest Hour

    Lead Actress:

    • Sun Taurus = Sally Hawkins (April 27 1976) –, “The Shape of Water”
    • Sun Cancer

    = Frances McDormand (June 23 1957) = “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    • Sun Cancer = Margot Robbie (July 2 1990) “I, Tonya”
    • Sun Cancer =Meryl Streep (June 22 1949) – The Post
    • Sun Aries = Saoirse Ronan (April 12 1994) ––Lady Bird – I loved Lady Bird and Saoirse Ronan acting.

    It is very long list of nominees…  Check it out in this link:


    Don’t forget to do something beautiful and useful that helps not only ourselves but everyone around us.

    Have a great day!

    © Cecilia Lugo-Anderson