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  • BUY your 2019 Moon Calendar NOW- Delivery Mid February

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  • Personalised 2019 Moon Calendar AUD60.00

    Your Personalised Moon Calendar includes

    •  Snapshot of your  Birth Chart (Planetary Energies at the Time, Date and Place of your Birth)
    • Highlighted with ICONS your best dates to nurture your emotions, to plan romantic dates and business deals.  
    • Free Shipping to any city in Australia 

    Please send an email to Cecilia to order your personalised Moon Calendar 2019

    Please include your  birth details ( Time, Date and Place of your Birth).

  • Collective Energies - AUD40.00


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  • Astrological guidance to synchronise your emotions and feelings with the energy in our sky!! Follow the Moon signs and Phases travelling through the sky to connect to your emotions and, engage with Venus to connect with your inner feelings to find your passion within across 2019