• Hi everyone, I saw Jupiter and Saturn in the sky and I thought I should share with you that it is very important to release stuck energy tonight before we plant our intentions tomorrow 21 July after 3:33 am and before 6:15 am under the 2nd New Moon in Cancer.🌑♋️ “The New moon 🌑♋️ is forming tension with the trio in Capricorn suggesting that Honesty, Discipline & Hard Work +Believing in ourselves are basic TO BALANCE Family & HOME with CAREER and our Role in Society” (c) Zodiac Inspirations Australia

    Below is one of the slides we worked on yesterday at my workshop 2nd New Moon in Cancer 🌑♋️!

    Thank you to the girls who participated yesterday xx

    I appreciate your courage speaking up and sharing your stories.

    Much love and blessing to all xx Cecilia