October 2018 – a golden month to find the lost passion!!!

Welcome October and its gorgeous golden spring!!!   Sun Libra & Scorpio

This year October started with the Moon  in Gemini indicating that will be a busy month!!! Pluto is direct to recover our inner power!!! Hopefully we have worked with our shadow well to transform our lives to live with integrity!!!

The Big News of the Month is Venus that will start a movement that looks like is going backwards from the Earth point of view (Retrograde) on 6th of October 2018 at 10º Scorpio 11 minute. Venus will take approximately 40 days aligned with our planet on her way to kiss the Sun when She will disappear from our sight for us to reconnect with our Lost Passion. 

Venus is the planet associated with beauty and love and is the ruler of the sign of Libra. VENUS is in deep Scorpio getting close to us… Venus Retrogrades in Scorpio offers an opportunity to rise from the Ashes!!! To re-evaluate our Values, the way we make our Money and  find ways to boost beauty in our home, ourselves and our lives!!!

New Moon is at 16 degrees of Libra on 9 October 2018

Full Moon in at 1 degree of Taurus on 25 October 2018

What a beautiful month to give ourselves deep love empowering our feminine side to move beyond our limitations!!!

Have a great Month 

Photo © ZodiacInspirationsAustralia – Moon Calendar 2018 Inspiration for the Month of October 2018

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