Aquarius New Moon – 25 January 2020 – Rat Chinese New Year


HAPPY RAT CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!                                               ©Picture ZodiacInspirationsAustralia

Have you set your
intentions???? If you have not planted your intentions we have 5 hours more to
plant our intentions. The Sun and the Moon met at 4 deg of Aquarius.

Uranus (natural ruling
planet of Aquarius in Modern Astrology) travels the clever and authentic sign
of Taurus Inviting us to move from our comfort zone and do something different
to advance while we contribute to the progress of a group with which we share
the same interest.

Directing our goals with the cleverness of the Universe

is a wise way to start this new lunar cycle!!!

2020 begins welcoming the
metal Rat! We may need to incorporate qualities of the Rat to be successful
this year. How is the Rat? Smart quick Alert, adaptable, observant; They collect – it is a good year to save money, don’t you think?

Today is a good day to
share a meal. Wear something red to call the luck and display oranges at home
or on your desk plus be clever like the Rat!!!

Happy New Year and New Moon!!!! ©ZodiacInspirationsAustralia

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