Aquarius New Moon

“What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.”

Emma Stone

Happy New Moon in Aquarius 🌑♒– Sun and Moon together this morning are leading a stellium of planets in Aquarius: Mercury in Rx + Venus & Jupiter hand in hand + Saturn at the end of the stellium!

The Universe is almost all on one side, but Uranus and Mars in Taurus are challenging the team in Aquarius! Challenge is good because it invites us to act!

The New Moon occurs after the meeting between Mercury in Retrograde and the Sun inviting us to plant new ideas envisioning our future.
Also Jupiter and Venus has met also at 13 deg of Aquarius…

“It might turn out that the future was never supposed to be like the past. And that becoming free does provide an open access channel for what needs to happen…” Ellias Lonsdale

The new moon brings energy to find new ways to think, plan, create and believe…

Mercury is Retrograde for us to Re-evaluate our goals! To be able to take action!! Neptune in between helps us to deal with acceptance of what we cannot change right now and we feel it coming… Neptune offers us faith to wait to take action when the right time comes!

Have a lovely Moon Cycle 🌑♒

Much love Cecilia


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