Astrology News January 3 – 8, 2017 a week to work for our True Self!

There are four great news events in our sky this week:

  1. Venus is diving into Pisces at the moment (since 6:47 pm yesterday Jan 3rd, 2017)   Romanticism to love with acceptance and ability to let go.
  2. Thursday Jan 5 Mercury re-enters into Sagittarius to go direct @ 28 degrees of Sagittarius 51 minutes on Sunday Jan 8.
  3. Friday Jan 6th at 6:46pm we have the First Quarter Moon in Aries sending us the message “Fight for your dreams and your dreams will fight for you” Paulo Coelho.                        NOTE: the Moon Calendar 2017 inspires you with a quote like this for each main phase of the Moon to work with your intentions monthly. To purchase your Moon Calendar 2017  click this link  or send an email to
  4.  On Saturday Jan 7 at 5:36 pm the Sun and Pluto have their annual encounter @ 17 degrees of Capricorn 9 minutes. Together they influence us in searching for the truth but overall we should address this energy as to connect with our truth self!

Interestingly enough when I was looking for an example to better explain this powerful energy; I found the French economist and businessman Jean-Baptiste Say was born with Sun, Venus and Pluto together in Capricorn. He had classically liberal views and argued in favour of competition, free trade, and lifting restraints on business. He is best known for Say’s Law, which is named after him and at times credited to him, but while he discussed and popularised it, he did not originate it. Say’s Law states that SUPPLY creates its own DEMAND.

We could not expect less than this argument as this energy can influence the person who is born with it to be obsessed to prove that something is wrong, and that things are not as they appear. The reason for the obsession is due to the fear of being taken advantage of or being lied to.

So let’s take it easy with our obsessions and we should work with our true self!!! Overall from Thursday Jan 5th when Mercury re-enters Sagittarius helping us to search…I will talk about Mercury in Rx in Sagittarius tomorrow…

Have a lovely week.

© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson


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