Astrology week Jun 11 – 21, 2017 – Sun in Gemini is opposing to Saturn in Sagittarius to give your best. Is your birthday?Have a read…

The sky is complex at the moment… What is  happening until Jun 21, 2017?

  • Sun in Gemini is opposing to Saturn (big brother) and their opposition will be exact tomorrow. My son’s birthday is tomorrow… Well for us but especially for people who are having a birthday during this week up to Jun 21 when the Sun changes to Cancer, Saturn is demanding us to give our best. Committing with our obligations. Being honest with what you can make and what not, and then being honest with the others around you or important to you; the reality of what you can do or not to pass Saturn’s Test. Each Birth Chart will show what area this energy is concentrated to be able to focus your attention on it.
  • GOOD NEWS= Sun and Saturn are getting the support from Sparky Uranus.
    • Sun –Uranus harmony helps to connect with people who can give us a good insight, and also stimulates creatively to find solutions
    • Saturn – Uranus helps us to make a change to be more disciplined to work out with our obligations.

Today, with the Moon in Aquarius  flows with the Sun in Gemini stimulating quick witted and original ideas that combine with Mercury harmony with Jupiter helping us to see a good future ahead.  Neptune the Planet of dreams is challenging our mind (Mercury in Gemini) plus is slowing in our Universe getting closer to us – It retrogrades on June 16,2017. June 15 is a good day to find a moment to write long term plans and big dreams!!!

Locals Sydney?? join me Sydney-based astrologer , Moon Lover ❤️, Zodiac Writer & Artist Cecilia Lugo-Anderson, for a fun and informative workshop that will include:
• Overview of Mercury – the Messenger from Mythology and its meanings in Astrology + Mercury Retrograde retrograde • ECLIPSES in August 2017 and how they stimulate us collectively to find our sense of belonging through our unique light! We will cover the Lunar Nodes shift to the axis Aquarius/Leo. • Get the message form August Eclipses & Mercury in Retrograde so that each participant can experience the portal that opens in an area of their lives. (mini-reading from your birth chart) For this personalised message your birth details are required (time, date and place of birth) ahead of the workshop p event


© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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