Astrology weekend – Romantic energies with Moon in Libra heading to meet Jupiter + Sun in Leo with Mars WOO HOO!!

The Moon has been travelling Libra since 1:37 am – one of the homes of Venus. We have 2 and ½ days to decorate our home with flowers (gardenias are Libra’s favourite flowers not only for their beauty but also for their aromas and they are in season),

Socialise with friends and Enjoy the arts, good manners and aesthetics!

The Moon is in Crescent phase… a great time to get a new hair style or update your look!!!

The MOON IN LIBRA likes the SUN IN LEO  + plus the SUN  is with MARS warming up our will to live!!!

Make plans today for the weekend!!!

TONIGHT AND TOMORROW NIGHT Don’t miss the DANCE between the Moon and Jupiter…

The moon is not showing too much light to let Jupiter lead the dance! Take pictures and if you can share them.

Edward Norton was born on August 18, 1990 in Boston USA – Sun in Leo, Moon and Jupiter in Libra. I love his acting. Here is one of his quotes:

“When you’re working on a creative thing, everyone has an idea, and they’re pushing it. The first time you work with anybody, you have to get comfortable with the way another person pushes hard for what they want”.

Edward Norton 

We can see the combination of Leo Sun and Moon in Libra in the quote when he says “you have to get comfortable with the way another person pushes hard for what they want”. Leo and Libra signs are compatible; it means the elements feed each other… Fire and air increase the flames!!!!

He is not only an actor; his leadership can be appreciated in these words from Frank Oz, the director of The Score

“Like many people he saw Edward Norton as the natural choice for the youngest generation of thief. Norton though had reservations before agreeing to join the cast. Frank Oz recalls, “Edward’s first concern to me was, ‘Can I contribute? I don’t just want to be an actor because I have ideas.’

But he is not only a great actor but he is an environmental and social activist. With that you can see Moon and Jupiter in Libra at work!

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