Astrology Weekend Vibes – Moon, Mercury & Venus…

I hope we all have been working with ourselves strengthening our EGO during Venus in Retrograde in Aries. This weekend is crucial before Venus re-enters into Pisces.

Today March 31, 2017 under the Moon in Taurus we all should make a list of what are our BOUNDARIES in Relationships. What is acceptable and what is not. Why? There is an energy of change in the sky…

The Moon in Gemini during the weekend brings a busy atmosphere of chatting and humour wanting to do many things at once… BUT the planet boss of this versatile sign, Mercury, that is associated with our rational mind, changes to Taurus for us to digest all the process we have being working on up to now.
What a start to the month of April it will be with the change of Mercury to earthy Taurus (home ruled by Venus) and on Monday with Venus diving again into the compassionate waters of Pisces be careful not to fall in toxic relationships again… That is the reason why this weekend it is very important to be clear with our boundaries as Mercury is with Saturn facilitating to see the reality!!!

During the weekend with the Moon in Gemini we have a good opportunity to have a good chat with someone we love to put something clear before the compassion invades us… But remember we don’t need to make decisions yet. Mercury is preparing us for a slow period that will start on April 10 and will end on May 4 2017.
Have a lovely weekend
Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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