Astrology Workshops

Zodiac Inspirations Australia virtual workshops (webinar) or private classes with Cecilia

For any of the following workshops you will need to advise your birth details: date (DDMMYYYY), time and place of birth to make the most of it!

  • Cosmic Afternoon with the Powerful Moon – In this workshop Cecilia will talk about the Moon in each Zodiac Sign, the collective mood it creates and the activities in general that it favours. You’ll learn why some days are busier, why some days are more relaxed and why some days are just dreamy. Plus you will learn what phase and sign the Moon was in when you were born to connect to your emotions.
  • Welcome Solstice or Equinox with rituals – Re-igniting the spark! Release fears… and create abundance connecting with every Seasonal Change marked by the Sun!
  • Venus to attract love and improve relationships – Learn about Venus – the desire and Goddess of beauty & love from mythology. See love through the eyes of Astrology. Cecilia will talk about Venus in each Zodiac Sign and when it is close to earth transforming its light from being the diamond of the night to become the morning star. What sign was Venus in when you were born, it tells you how you love and like to be loved. Plus, tips to overcome fears of self-love and how to get the love you deserve!!
  • The Retro Message from Mercury close to Earth – We all have felt Mercury Retrograde Moments… when we cannot get things right and not only that but that collectively we all are experiencing them…Listen to amazing stories with Mercury in Retrograde plus learn about the Messenger from Mythology & its meaning in Astrology. It includes the Highlights of Mercury through the Zodiac and how to deal with Mercury in retrograde.
  • Elements and Qualities of Zodiac Signs to find balance
    • 4 elements – Fire, Earth, Air & Water
    • Plus each Element has 3 qualities (cardinal, fixed, adaptable)
    • How to Boost a weak element in your birth chart – activities & tips. Colour theory & Create 2 colours – Sun & Moon elements using the Colour wheel Plus How to create a harmonious space balancing the elements. Sun & Moon Elements as the basis for adding accents to boost the weak ones.

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