Your Birth Chart

Astrology is the interpretation of relationships between planetary energy represented by symbols. I look at the conversation between the luminaries (Sun & Moon) and planets located in a snapshot of the planetary sky on a particular time, date and place.

The interpretation of the symbols is useful to develop opportunities through self-understanding.

Each of the planets in the Solar System has a story or Archetype with specific characteristics and roles and they have movement; it is not static in time.

There are 12 signs categorised by elements of nature (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) and by qualities related with change according to the seasons (Cardinal, Fixed & Mutable). And these 12 signs have their own terrain in an imaginary belt divided by 12 areas.

My easy way to explain it is to think about a play or a movie where:

  • The Planets are the Characters of the Movie
  • The signs are the costumes of the planets
  • And the 12 areas of the chart or Astrology houses are the scenography of the Movie.

Astrology Chart Interpretations Cecilia can help you with are

Birth Chart –Astrology Guidance for self-understanding. Calculating the time, date and place of your birth offers a snapshot of planetary influence on your life! Revealing the gifts and challenges you came with to grow your soul.  Make your Appointment NOW

The Emotional Moon – Natal Moon sign, position, aspects to other planets for you to tune in with your emotions nurturing your needs as well us receiving an insightful message from the current Lunar Cycle to understand your present-needs. Make your Appointment NOW

Solar Return – Each year of our lives is unique. The Sun returns to its exact natal position, it is your birthday! It is a guide map with the vibration the year brings to grab opportunities & deal with challenges ahead. Make your Appointment NOW

Learn how the Moon influences your emotions and decisions

Every day the Moon moves in the Sky and fills the universe with its energy. Learn how you can tap into this rich source of guidance

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