Christmas Gifts Ideas based on Zodiac Sun Signs – eg. Do you know someone who has Aries as their star sign? Get them something sporty:

Last night I woke up around 12:30 am and the Moon was already in Leo giving a performance in the night…. It looked yellow like the Sun… amazing!!!! Here is one of the photos I took from my window.

This weekend with the Moon in its transit through the creative sign of Leo and the Sun in Sagittarius there is energy to go out and enjoy life!!! This cheerful energy mix between the Luminaries (Sun & Moon) also provides an excellent time to buy Christmas gifts!. Hurry up before Mercury goes retrograde (close to earth) on Monday night.

Keep in mind my Moon Calendar 2017 that it is a unique gift that suits anyone who wishes to connect with the energy of the moon, nourish their emotions and the emotions of their loved ones. $35 for the Calendar or $60 with Calendar personalised and aligned with their birth chart (time, date and place of birth).

Please find below some ideas based on the Sun in each sign (this what people call their zodiac star sign) to guide your Christmas shopping eg. know someone who has Aries as their sign, get them something sporty:

Aries – ruling planet Mars – Action = a gift related to their sport or entertain their mind such as a small Japanese gardens in miniature. … These spaces represent the universe and are designed to inspire vitality and serenity. … Taurus: – ruling planet Venus – gifts that will connect with their senses such as a massage oils, perfumes, cosmetics … or those that serve to beautify your environment: as a beautiful plant beautiful flowers or scented. Gemini – ruling planet Mercury – A gift that sparks your intellectual curiosity; something related to electronic communication or like modern horns as “Bose Speakers” accompanied with a card that makes you laugh – with humour.

Cancer – its ruler is the Moon – Something for your home or a book of recipes that are so popular or any device to help them prepare a delicious menu for your loved ones.

Leo – its ruler is the Sun – a gift that will inspire and allow you to develop your artistic talents; something for your hair (her hair is its weak point) or a gem that highlight its beauty. Virgo – ruling planet Mercury – a practical gift related to nature, health or organization, for example, a diary, hand cream or body or scented candles; a beautiful purse or wallet.

Libra – ruling planet Venus – A beautifully wrapped gift that contains music, jewellery, perfume, tickets to a musical or theatre; a painting or symmetrically designed with pastel colours decor or reflect contrast.

Scorpio – ruling planet Pluto – something that facilitates the construction or programming in the technology area, a book of suspense or criminology and research. Wrap the present mysteriously to catch all their attention.

Sagittarius – ruling planet Jupiter – Any optimistic book that nourish your thirst for learning, compasses, maps, something that will inspire you to take your next trips including an overnight bag.

Capricorn – ruling planet Saturn – a useful gift to help you manage time such as a watch or an organiser; a fine executive briefcase.

Aquarius – ruling planet Uranus – something original and creative to catch their attention. Miniatures gadgets or many small gifts; a telescope or a ticket to visit the Sydney Observatory to see the stars!

Pisces – ruling planet Neptune something that gives inspiration such as a book of poetry or romantic music, a camera to connect to the world of fantasy and give it to the sea!!!

Please note that the Moon Calendar 2017 will keep everyone happy but overall those born with Sun or/and Moon Cancer, Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces, Scorpio and Virgo (this is based on my experience and research).

Have a great weekend!!!!

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