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    WELCOME MAY 2021

    The Sun will continue inspiring us travelling EARTHY SING OF TAURUS = Land of Venus!! 

    May 2021 is a month that brings change with Jupiter entering into Pisces giving us a bite of what will come in 2022
    Venus starts to appear at twilight at night! It is beautiful!! Did you see her?
    Well Venus is showing all her beauty at the moment!!! No only that but also we are having awesome evenings at sunset and we can see the belt of Venus! It is a pink strip in the picture near the Horizon that will make more beautiful our evenings during the Sunset in winter!!
    The Belt of Venus is an atmospheric phenomenon, this phenomenon alludes to Aphrodite from ancient Greece (goddess associated with LOVE, BEAUTY, PLEASURE, DESIRE) due to the greatest elongation (angular separation from the Sun)... Remember Venus and the Sun Kissed during the first part of the year (part 1 of the Zodiac Inspiration Journal). Enjoy watching the Belt of Venus in Winter!!
    Mars (the lover of Venus) is travelling Cancer for us to like working with people who we trust. Our Actions need to be focused to protect family, home and loved ones!!
    The Sun will be in Taurus until 21 May when it changes to Gemini until the end of the Month. So for the first part of the month we should connect with our senses to enjoy sunrises, sunsets... nature!
    Then from the 21 May at 5:38 pm the Sun travels the sign of Gemini for us to To communicate our ideas and listen to those of others.
    "Curiosity is lying in wait for every secret" Ralph Waldo Emerson He was born with Sun and Mercury in Gemini and you can find inspiration in my Zodiac Inspiration Australia Journal to connect with the energies of Mercury in Gemini!!
    Wise Saturn stops Retrograde on 23 May for us to check our strategies implemented up to now and Mercury also stops retrograde on 30 May.
    We have a Full Moon eclipse VISIBLE IN AUSTRALIA ON 26 May that I have analysed in Zodiac Inspirations Australia Journal part 2 and for ASTROLOVERS who buy it... you will receive a personalised message from Eclipses (there is a Solar eclipse in June) plus Mercury Retrograde personal message and calendar grids for May, June, July and August in your personalised Journal.

    I have created a wonderful astrological guidance MOON CALENDAR monthly with Inspirational quotes relating to the energy of the Moon’s voyage through the zodiac – the moon changes signs every 2 and ½ days  in a cycle of 27 days approx. – and the energies change in each zodiac sign for each year since 2015.   🌙☀️❣️🌙☀️❣️  GET YOUR ASTROLOGY MONTHLY GUIDANCE 🌙☀️❣️🌙☀️❣️🌙☀️❣️       

    Sun Sign invitation to connect with its energy       4 MOON PHASES Monthly:  NEW MOON to open yourself to new  opportunities - Insights to plant your intentions under the ;   FIRST QUARTER MOON to take action ; Tips to manifest “what you want” under the FULL MOON  + MONTHLY GRID WITH THE Moon signs through the Zodiac and major planetary vibes to organise your days Personalised with your birth chart Plus Astrology insights to tune in with the Universe

    Please send me an email      stelliumlight@gmail.com after you purchase it advising your birth details (Time, Date DD/MM/YY & Place of birth) 

    EACH MONTH personalised with the Moon trip through the Zodiac IS $AUD10.00 sent by PDF OR

    AUD $55 journal sent by post printed (only within Australia) MAY; JUN; JUL & AUG 2021

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