The Moon rules our emotions


    Associated with our instincts, intuition, fertility, nutrition and intervenes in our mood to satisfy our needs


    The Moon plays a role in how we react with people who matter to us every day


    Generally we all know our Zodiacal sign shown by the position of the Sun in the particular sign when we were born.


    The Sun is the source of energy that gives us light and motivation in our life.


    THE MOON IS IMPORTANT TOO! The Moon symbolises how we feel emotionally


    The Moon travels through each Zodiac sign in about two and a half days, and changes its appearance in our sky projecting sunlight through its phases in a 28 day Lunar Cycle.


  • Here is my recent feedback from a client:

    I just wanted to thank you so much for my birth chart. I think about you every day and notice how sensitive I am to the moon (especially when it is in Sagittarius!). CF - Jan 25, 2017

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