Father’s Day vibes

What an big day for Father’s day… with the Moon in Aquarius (surprises are welcome!  Invitations out of the blue!  Spontaneity!)

But also the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus is busy giving support to the union of Mars & Mercury Retrograde in Leo! All of that at 28 degrees of fire signs…

Hello!!! Be on the lookout today for Mr. Temper.  Instead review past actions to find solutions!!! Freedom and sharing is the key for the day to be successful!

As you may know from my Journaling Ideas Mini-Diary… this Father’s Day, think about what was your father’s favourite songs? My father’s favourite song was “The Pearls of your Mouth”. A beautiful love song…my heart was transported back in time to remember him with love…  here are some lyrics:

Those pearls you keep carefully

in such a cute little red jewellery box ;

they provoke me, my babe, crazy craving

to count them kiss by kiss in love.

I want to see them as they clash with your laughter,

I want to see you rejoice with crazy cravings

then kneel before your mouth, and

beg for a smile

Let our Fathers shine today!!! Have a great day!!!

©Cecilia Lugo-Anderson


www. zodiacinspirationsaustralia.com.au

Sending love to my daddy who was born during the Virgo Season and Moon in Capricorn + a cheerful Ascendant in Sagittarius!!! who knew to pass on his knowledge, mentoring me and who boosted my potential making me feel nurtured as we both had the same Moon!!! I hope he is with Mars and Venus as he always said he was going to be there when he departed this physical world.

The Emotional Moon

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