February 2020 Astrology

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Welcome Feb 2020 – with 29 days to love one day more this leap year

We started Feb with Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon in Aries suggesting to be self-motivated during this month!!!

Venus in Pisces invites us to accept us the way we are and love ourselves unconditionally

Full Queen Moon is next Sunday at 20 deg of Leo!!!  To manifest our intentions with an open heart

Remembering words from Henry Miller:

“The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware”.

Mercury is in Aquarius and tonight will start the pre-retrograde period to stop retrograde on 17th Feb at midday. Plus the day before Mars will enter into Capricorn to start building.

So, we have 2 weeks to clarify our mind to be able to review what we are doing… when Mercury is in Pisces we can put magic to our construction. Venus will move to Aries on the 8th and Venus in the individualistic sign of Aries we can love what we want from our own point of feeling.

Lover’s day or St Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year – Venus Day and under the moon in Scorpio – OOh lala – What a hot day xx

Sun moves to Pisces on 19th Feb  and Jupiter smiles to Neptune next day, we will be all growing our dreams  -to plant our intentions on the New Moon @ 4 degrees of Pisces  Sun and Mercury meet on 26 Feb in Pisces to connect mind and will in a slow motion… The month ends under the Moon in Taurus as we have today!  What are you doing this hot day in Sydney – I going to beach!!! & you?

Have lovely Month


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