First Quarter Moon Phase – Sun Pisces & Moon Gemini

First Quarter Phase Moon @ 15 degrees Gemini at 10:32 pm March 5, 2017 – A good week starts today to connect with our intentions and work on them; TAKE ACTION. Duality is present with Sun in Pisces & Moon in Gemini. There is a strong quality of adaptability to the circumstances just like a salesman! Words are possible to express if we connect them with our heart. Today is a very nice day to call an old friend and spend a good time talking with her/him from our heart!!! Overall after Venus is in RETRO inviting us to reconnect with things that we love…

“Every soul is a melody which needs renewing” Stephane Mallarme (March 18, 1842)  was a French poet and critic. He was born in Paris with Sun in Pisces and Moon in Gemini.


If you are in Sydney On March 25, when Venus disappears from our sky to get transformed and the reappears as Venus Morning Star, Join me to travel with VENUS ?“Highlighting Self-worth with Venus and Mercury”?. Insightful 4 hours of astrology applied workshop in a cosy group to return to love yourself!!! ?we will travel with Venus through the Zodiac (so you can know more about your feelings and the way you give and receive love…) ?its retrograde period in Aries and few days in Pisces this year. ?We will analyse some celebrities with Venus in Aries +? a Personal message from your birth chart of what Venus asks to you to re-evaluate this time. Interested send me an email to

When: March 25, 2017 – 9.15 am to 1 pm
Awareness Institute 1/20 Clarke St, Crows Nest

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