Flash your mind with Mercury in Aries

The MESSENGER of goddesses from Mythology has arrived to ARIES.

April will go fast with Mercury in Aries from 11 to 27 April 2020. Therefore our mind will be like The Flash!! Good news we can put all our ideas in practice; Ideas which were swimming in the ocean of our imagination while Mercury was travelling the sign of Pisces – February, March and until yesterday morning when Mercury jumped into Aries (This long time includes Its retro period).

WORDs are POWERFUL when Mercury is in Aries. WORDS look like a big GRAFFITY!! THEY ARE IMPORTANT & we need to make an extra effort to speak after we think because our mind is fast and we can say something without filter.

I know we all are worried about the future but with Mercury in Aries we need to think that is our time to do things we always leave for later and we really want to do!!

Be positive – REMOVE FROM YOUR VOCABULARY WORDS OR EXPRESSIONS which take you away from abundance!

On Wednesday 15 April 2020 at 5:37 pm tomorrow we have the Last Quarter of Moon in Capricorn @ 25 deg and, the challenge between the Moon and the Sun in Aries occurs close to Jupiter and Pluto asking us to be content with what we got!!

This lunation lights up the need to let go of all the negativity associated with money and be grateful if we have bread on our table.

Let’s swap I don’t have for I am working on an idea to have! Be proactive and turn any negative situation into a positive thought so our lives improve.

Writing and images © 2020 Cecilia – Zodiac Inspirations Australia

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