• Today January 11th at 9:48 am the Moon enters to her home – Sign of Cancer – to fully blossom tomorrow January 12, 2017 night at 10:33pm Standard Summer Australia time with the Full Moon.  Last night the sky was showing this ‘heart’ preparing the sky to welcome the First Full Moon of the Year. Full Moon @ 22 degrees of the sign of Cancer for us to focus our attention on family, our home and to nurture our own needs.
    We did not have the full moon in Cancer in 2016; the last full illumination of the Moon from its own sign was in December on Christmas day in 2015. With no Full Moon in Cancer in 2016 I felt it was a year of hard work…. Don’t you think? Maybe because 2016 did not offer the opportunity to connect with the Full Moon in Cancer and bring our attention to balance energy between Sun in Capricorn (hard work & career goals) and Full Moon in Cancer (home & family).
    Cancer is water energy to connect with our intuition to nurture ourselves… and at the moment when we all are looking at the life of others…in one way or another eg. Social Media… this illumination suits all of us to direct the attention to our home, family and our motherland… Tomorrow I will continue my thoughts about this polarity between the Sun @ 22 degrees of Capricorn and the Moon @22 degrees of Cancer that will create a grand cross with the other polarity in our Universe between Jupiter @ 22 degrees of Libra and Uranus @ 21 degrees of Aries inviting us to balance all of their energies under the union of Venus and Neptune in Pisces that emanates unconditional love…
    Stay tuned and find time to pamper yourself today! and remember the Moon Calendar inspires you with a beautiful quote relating the phases of the Moon… Do you know your Moon Sign ♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓you know the Moon Phase  ????????in the sky when you were born?

    The MOON represents how our soul feels ❤. The Moon in its journey through the zodiac in our sky ?makes aspects in your birth chart monthly… allowing you to be aware of who you are, what is happening to you and how to work with your potential through your emotions.

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    © Cecilia Lugo-Anderson