Full Moon in Capricorn & the power of transformation to get back our inner strength

Full Moon Blessings under the ‘blossom’ energy of the Earthy Moon in Capricorn.

We are under the beautiful energy of this illumination that brings the opportunity to get back to our inner power connecting it with our passion! due to the full Moon link with  Pluto/Mars energies.

Nature is a great example of what it is transformation! The dead leaves from a tree fall becoming the nutrients of the soil to keep the life for the roots of the tree. It is amazing the wisdom of our Mother Earth that sometimes we take for granted.

This was my learning from a deep environment retreat I experienced during this Full Moon in Capricorn.

We all have the opportunity to use our passion represented by Mars to become the nutrients of our deep strength represented by Pluto making changes in our body, our mind and spirit to unify them in connection with this energy.

Every 28 days the Moon in its transit over our natal birth chart (snapshot of the sky when we were born) makes contact with our natal moon bringing the opportunity to grow and experience something related with what the Moon represents = emotions, mood, memory, nutrition, fertility, motherhood and motherland among others.

We astrologers calculate a chart for the Lunar Return monthly to know the personal emotional make up for the month. It is like the Solar Return chart (when we have a birthday and the Sun returns to same degree as when we were born showing an unfolding story for the year ahead).

My lunar return was yesterday July 9, 2017 and it showed in the Lunar Return chart that I was going to experience something within a group expressing myself & my passion.  I was invited to give a talk to a beautiful group in a weekend retreat organised by Infinite Balance. (Big thanks to Lani for the magical weekend I had).

I didn’t only talk about the Moon and the upcoming eclipses but also I learnt about permaculture, my body through yoga and belly dancing and I had a deep contact with the environment and vegetarian food surrounded by the forest illuminated by the full wisdom of the Moon in Capricorn!

In my memories will always stay this beautiful night singing under the Moon Light around the camp fire and the bunch of young people sharing the night!!!

Have a lovely week!!!

© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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