Full Moon in Gemini illuminates the information to find the truth within but we need to slow down to listen to it

Blessings on Full Moon in Gemini… It was talking to me words that give meaning to my beliefs in Love in the evening of December 3rd, 2017

I went to take photos of the Moon close to train station where I live because for me the polarity between Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Gemini represents the travel of the information we get and then we validate with our beliefs…

I was surprised by the beautiful sunset in Sagittarius – bright reflecting in the sky soft pink tones over the clouds while the Moon was rising glamorously beautiful.

The Sun and the Moon between clouds were saying “Life is a sleep, love is the dream you have lived if you liked”. Alfred de Musset – French Poet who became one of the first Romantic writers and was born with under the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini on 11DEC1810 @11:00am in Paris.

Please note the photo I have chosen for tonight is over the 2 houses reflecting the duality that Gemini’s sign represents and also it shows the power lines of communication that is the energy that this Airy Moon emanates to express emotions!

Today December 4th, 2017 reminds us:

“There is no reality except the one contained within us. That is why so many people live such an unreal life. They take the images outside of them for reality and never allow the world within to assert itself.”  Herman Hesse, Steppenwolf

FAlways in a full moon there is something we need to let go due to the energies between the Sun and the Moon forming an opposition…  The Full Moon in Gemini relates to the facts and concepts that need to be communicated like a journalist when they pass on the news about an event… The Sun on the other hand is about the interpretation we give to the pure information… Therefore some beliefs need to be let go o to find the truth we are searching for…

Both Luminaries (Sun and Moon) are challenged by Mystic Neptune inviting us to contemplate… to be able to listen to our own truth.

See the picture of the (almost full) moon as it illuminates the sky at the same size as the street light… the image says to me – Don’t allow the busy and noisy life of our modern times distort you from your real needs inside of yourself.

Mercury the ruler of the Moon stationed retrograde last night 3 December 2017 @ 29 degrees of Sagittarius  inviting us to walk the same road from another perspective… Slow down and pay attention carefully – don’t look for things far away when they may be right in front of you… Remember these words of wisdom:

“A traveller without observation is a bird without wings.” ―Moslih Eddin Saadi also is known as Saadi of Shiraz― was a major Persian poet and literary of the medieval period.

We may feel that the world is upside down or each of us is having our head upside-down… But don’t lose your smile. Keep trying every day to achieve something that you consider aligns with your beliefs. In spite of any obstacle that may stand in your way… No matter how hard or difficult the road may be, it does not matter what stones you may find, or the people who want to abandon your boat…continue positive.

Blessings Cecilia


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