Full Moon in Gemini – Super Full Moon – December 14, 2016

Blessings on Full Moon in Gemini today!!! Here are my thoughts and painting of the Twin Moon (Gemini is the twins!) for this morning at 22 degrees of Gemini.

We need to balance our beliefs and thoughts taking a fresh approach and look at the big picture on the road ahead (the super full Moon in Gemini is supported by Uranus (the awakener), Mars (who takes action) and Jupiter (our beliefs). And asking ourselves what sacrifice are we going to make to get where we want to get as Saturn, the planet associated with wisdom, is in contact with the Sun in Sagittarius facing this Super Full Moon in Gemini.

Mercury, the planet ruler of the sign of Gemini where the Moon is, travels the disciplined sign of Capricorn and it is close to the planet of transformation, Pluto… But it is getting slower as it will start a retrograde mode (close to earth on Monday 19th, 2016) for us to take it easy and acknowledge our achievements and take a break to recharge our batteries.

Jupiter is in Libra, the planet ruler of the sign of Sagittarius where the Sun is, reminding us that cooperation, generosity, kindness with others is crucial to get to our destination.

Have a happy Full Moon in Gemini

© Cecilia Lugo- Anderson

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