Full Moon in Cancer to let go emotional wounds from the past…

This full Moon is holding strong energy at the end of 2018. Under the last Full Moon of the year we are invited to let go wounds from the past…

The opposition between the Sun in Capricorn ☀️♑️and the Moon in Cancer ?♋️happens with Mars in Pisces talking to healer Chiron bringing the opportunity to release emotional baggage to heal our wounds…

Following words by Hippocrates “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”

Today is a good day to release pain by taking care of ourselves doing something that makes us feel good. Creativity is running high with Venus flowing with Neptune in our sky.

We also can think positive looking into the future with Mercury and Jupiter hand in hand in Sagittarius. My life is a gift and I will be true to it by living every day to the fullest. Thank you Jo, amiga you taught me this – God bless your soul ? RIP

Next year starts with an eclipse in Capricorn on the 6th of January 2019 at 12:28pm (AEST) talking about change. The ?♋️full Moon in Cancer brings light today to see where we are heading to clear the path.

Season Greetings from Zodiac Inspirations Australia

Moon Calendar 2019 will be ready for sale by the end of January 2019! Look out for updates in the new year!!!

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