Full Moon in Taurus – November 4, 2017

FullMoon in Taurus, the Sensual Lover of Peace with earthy and practical ability to find emotional security asks us to balance the polarity between these lunar energies and the sexual, passionate & intense transformative ability of the Sun☀️ in Scorpio

This afternoon at 4:22 pm the Moon @ 12 degrees of Taurus projects the whole Sunlight @12 degrees of Scorpio!!! Their dance is lighting our senses!!! And they are supported by Neptune to make a magic moment in our lives!!! creating the life we would like to have.

This is the Moon of pleasures. We have tonight a beautiful night to invite someone important in our life to enjoy a beautiful dinner… To give a passionate kiss and warm hug…to enjoy a reflection looking at the water because Venus, the planet ruler of Taurus is in Libra tonight (double Venus energy with both signs ruled by her)… and Venus is pulled by the awakening Uranus to stand up for who she is… So if we feel that we need to be alone tonight that is ok too!

Venus is very busy in our sky talking to the committed Saturn and facing the freedom of Uranus… Plus Uranus and Saturn are flowing together in fire signs. And… what does it mean? Venus in Libra wants to relate with others in harmony and with diplomacy but sometimes to achieve “this” Venus in Libra tend to accept things that she should not…

BUT Venus by taking Saturn in Sagittarius we may need to question ourselves about our relationships and see who really is giving us the same that we give them; who really loves us for who we are and who really is seriously on the same page as we are. So Uranus in Aries, who is not doubting making a radical decision, is opposing lovely Venus in Libra asking her to be assertive and be clear that is better to be by yourself than with someone who does not respect you or does not give you your freedom to be who you really are.

Tomorrow is the Full Moon in Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus! This Full Moon is the Moon of Pleasures…  For us to enjoy the beauty of life… But also to reflect on relationships due to Venus in our Sky having these phone calls from these other planets to really relate with those who love us.

We can please ourselves with love doing something we like to do! This reminds me of a beautiful song

“And that bull in love with the moon “by Spanish author, composer and musician Carlos Castellano Gómez
And that bull in love with the moon
Abandons the herd at night
And is coated with poppy and olives
And he took a leap at the foreman

The Rosemaries of the mountains kiss his forehead
The stars and constellations bathe him in silver
And the little bull is fierce and of valiant caste
Colourful fans seem to be his feet

The moon comes out tonight
With a black tailcoat
And a bull is looking at her
Between the thicket and the shadow

And in the face of the river’s water
Where sleeps the Mistress of the Moon
The little bull of a fierce breed
Watches over her like a sentry

Full Moon ?❤️Blessings? Cecilia

Picture “El toro enamorado de la luna” painted by Alvaro Suarez Vertiz


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