Gemini Full Moon to be present and have a good conversation!

Gemini Full Moon ?♊ at 4:39 pm on 23Nov2018  

The Moon projects the Sunlight @ 1 degree of Gemini inviting us to be present and have a good conversation! 

But also to release old beliefs and allow our days to be dictated to have new experiences!!!




Mercury is the planet ruler of the sign of Gemini. Both relate to youth and learning Story telling… That teaches us about good and bad… But Mercury is close to us and also close to Jupiter the ruler planet of Sagittarius where the Sun just entered…

So, the Universe is telling us in many ways to review our thoughts about our beliefs to update our perspective What stories we have believed that are not real and makes us suffering??? Neptune is challenging Mercury… We need to select the information and find the one that is valuable for our growth…

Inspire our mind and take care of our emotions with the colour of truthful knowledge!!!

Talking and listening our heart in company of a good friend. Blessings ?


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