Gemini New Moon 23 May 20

Hi Moon Lovers! A new emotional cycle starts tomorrow with the GEMINI NEW MOON

This New Cycle  is all about communication and we have Venus close to Earth (Retrograde) inviting us to re-evaluate our relationships with ourselves and others as well as our relationship with the way we make money and the value we give to who relates to us and what surrounds us.

Picture is inspiration taken from May 2020 Guidance by Zodiac Inspirations Australia
  • Sun and Moon join at 2 Deg of Gemini early morning on 23 May 2020 offering a perfect time to plant our intentions to value our thoughts and our voice.
  • Mercury (the boss of this New Moon) is holding the hand of Venus at 20-21 degrees of Gemini and both are close to the north node of Moon at 29 deg of Gemini – we may feel overwhelmed with so many different information – find the truth
  • Mars – the lover of Venus –  is in Pisces… LOOK BETWEEN THE LINES AND READ BETWEEN THE WORDS … as Mars challenges the New Moon and Saturn in Aquarius supports it!

The Gemini new moon is associated with spontaneity!! So weak up tomorrow and listen to your inner voice and start writing your intentions for a fresh start in communication.

After so much that have happened this year with COVID19 and still happening… the Universe brings a nice breeze to engage with the positive energy of Gemini organising our thoughts, ideas and communicate with LOVE.

Today take your time to release any attachment under the balsamic moon in Taurus and buy your markers and cardboard and get some pictures to make your MoonBoard!!

Happy New Moon in Gemini ♊️🌑Cecilia#ZodiacInspirationsAustralia#NewMooninGemini #gemininewmoon
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