January New Moon in Capricorn – Wednesday January 17 @ 1:17pm @ 27 degrees of Capricorn!!!

New Moon Blessings ?
This New Moon is the first New Moon of 2018 and Mercury is at his regular speed without any shadow. Mercury, the planet associated with our mind is in Capricorn and talking to Saturn the ruler of this disciplined sign. Saturn is the Master Teacher in astrology.

The New Moon is in Capricorn! Sun, Moon, Venus, Pluto, Saturn and Mercury are in Capricorn. Look at the New Moon’s chart so you can see the 6 planets (stellium – condensed energy) in Capricorn talking about the need to discipline ourselves to achieve goals & intentions!

Venus, the planet associated with attraction and which represents love, pleasures, harmony, peace, diplomacy and relationships, is just only 2 degrees apart from the Luminaries (Sun & Moon) showing the importance of self- value to plant your intentions to master 2018!
The union of the Moon with the Sun is challenged by Uranus, the planet associated with thinking outside of the box to find innovative ways to do things.
The New Moon is supported by Mars, the planet associated with taking action and making things happen!!!
Transformer Pluto is smiling to Jupiter, these 2 planets harmoniously send us positive energy to explore new strategies for personal growth.

Today the New Moon brings a magical time to Visualise and Create your New Moon Board! Wednesday January 17 @ 1:17pm @ 27 degrees of Capricorn!!! IT IS IMPORTANT YOU DO YOUR MOON BOARD VISUALISATION BETWEEN 1:17 PM AND 7:30 PM (Sydney local time).

Write intentions and goals related with Capricorn’s energy: wisdom, management of time, discipline, reality, dedication, responsibilities, commitment, authority figures, mastering yourself and getting the recognition you deserve in harmony with the whole world and blessing from heaven.
And if you know your birth chart add intentions aligning the energy of capricorn and that particular area of your chart that gets activated today!! to work with ?Cecilia© 2015 -2018?
Blessings on the new moon? and thanks for being part of my journey!!!
Live by the Sun☀️ and Love by the Moon ?
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