Jupiter in Retrograde in Libra during Moon in Gemini and Sun in Aquarius

The active Moon in Gemini is challenging the peaceful Neptune in Pisces this morning… Our emotions are invited to see the gardens where our dreams grow… Music to start the day will help to connect with the energy. Remember if you take 10 mins this morning to write a- to-do list it will help you to deal with the morning to stay focussed.

As the hours of the day go passing by, the Moon will be going away from its challenge with Neptune and starting to connect with the Sun in Aquarius helping us to create ideas and communicate our points of view with a little bit of humour.

This afternoon Jupiter in Libra will start its 4 months of retrograde for us to validate our inner truths in relationships. We should also reconsider any situation where we were not 100% honest with someone important to us… Re-evaluate how loyal we are in our dealings with others and the confidence we have in ourselves is the best way to use the energy of Jupiter, the Roman’s Chief God ruling heaven and law!!!

If you live in Sydney, Australia – I will be running a workshop on March 25, 2017 at the Awareness Institute, Crows Nest, Highlighting Self-Value with Venus and Mercury here is the link https://www.zodiacinspirationsaustralia.com.au/highlighting…

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Have a great M??n Day!  © Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

Note: All planets retrograde except the Luminaries Sun and Moon – Retrograde is an astrological term used to explain the illusory phenomenon, where a planet appears to move backwards or rotate reverse relative to how the Earth is moving. Astrology explains the event as an opportunity to review and adjust according to the energy the planet generated.

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