Jupiter in Scorpio brings light to our nightfall

Jupiter ?changes to Scorpio♏ at 12:42 am October 11, 2017 to bring light to our nightfall!

With Jupiter in Scorpio? you have only room for honesty if we want to take the opportunities Jupiter, the Chief God, from mythology offers us but also we need to believe in ourselves and not diminish our talents!!!

The image that comes to my mind is the treasure we can find after digging… like a pirate with the treasure map on an island! Jupiter represents our belief system and in Scorpio reminds us:


Scorpio represents desires, sexuality, deep and mysterious subjects…I like to use the word Passion! Passion is to feel our inner strength … With Jupiter in Scorpio when we feel a negative hunch, instead of complaining … we must dig inside ourselves just in case we are projecting an inner issue and then connect with our strength to release negative energy to open the door to our positive energy!!!

On a personal level we may have to ask ourselves difficult questions … and we must listen to our inner voice to connect with our passions … But let us remember that within us there is Light and Darkness … Well Scorpio is associated with extremes: Black & White.

From October 11th, 2017 and until November 8th, 2018 with Jupiter in the area of our chart where Scorpio is located we are invited to scrub darkness and what does not work … to link us with our worth and beautiful Light…
Have a treasured 13 months!


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