Lady Gaga Super bowl Astro Highlights Feb 5, 2017

Hi everyone!!! Did you see Lady Gaga Super Bowl Halftime Show 2017?

Check it out

We could not expect less from Lady Gaga today!!! She is really spectacular but also the stars were with her tonight at Super Bowl 51 held t on the half time on Feb 5, 2017 around 6:15 pm in Texas Houston) Here is my highlights of the transits over her natal Birth Chart (March 28, 1986 @ 9:53 am in Manhattan, New York (NY) USA to celebrate her performance as an space girl.

Call my attention

  • Pluto at 18 degrees of Capricorn supporting her voice (Natal Mercury @ 18 degrees of Pisces) in the area of Career in her Birth Chart! 100 points here to excel in her career today or tonight depending where we are viewing the Super Bowl!!!
  • Uranus at 21 degrees of Aries just 3 degrees apart from her Natal Venus and Jupiter in Libra making an opposition to her natal Venus May influenced her in creating something extraordinary with not limits!!! I was so impressed.
  • Mars today over her natal Sun in Aires has offered a high level of physical energy. She was very successful with so much movement, playing the piano singing, jumping and activities without end entertaining all of us.
  • Saturn travelling in Sagittarius in the area of daily routines and over her Natal Uranus has mastered her choreography… don’t you think?
  • This type of events are prepared with a lot of time and Neptune has being stimulating her natal Jupiter in Pisces – Excelling her imagination!
  •  The Moon at 11 degrees of Gemini (collective mood) over Natal Chiron offering the opportunity to heal an emotional wound… and the Ascendant of the Event at 21 degrees of Leo in the area of communication giving support to her Natal Venus in Aries activated by Uranus in the sky at 21 degrees of Aries in the area of the groups and media has giving her the chance to be observed from observing from millions of people through media channels around the world (including me!!!)

We only can give her the recognition she deserves saying Bravo Lady Gaga © Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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