Leo Full Moon Eclipse to manifest our joy!

We start this week with a Full Moon eclipse at 1 deg of Leo! This eclipse closes the series of eclipses under the polarity Aquarius/Leo.  Eclipses announce big change. Lunar Eclipse is a change related with our emotions.
What does it take to make us to content? Venus and Jupiter are getting close to each other telling us how important is to have fun in our journey to cope with 2019!!
Sun and Moon are together asking us to be more creative to contribute to our tribe!!
The Sun is in Aquarius inviting us to get ahead with our plans and Uranus, the planet boss of Aquarius is back in Aries. Aries is energy of action, take the risk and not been afraid to make the decision to do things that feeds yourself! Don’t be afraid to be yourself and stand out showing proudly your gifts giving yourself the applause you need to keep your motivation alive. Much Love
Cecilia – Zodiac Inspirations Australia
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