Libra Full Moon talks about Love and Relationships

The Moon is gorgeous tonight – almost full – in Libra and we will have the full Moon tomorrow 8 April 2020 @ 12:35 pm

🌕♎️The Full Moon in Libra highlights LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS

Maya Angelou was born under the Full Moon in Libra 🌕♎️(Sun in Aries & Moon in Libra) on 4 April 1928 in Saint Louis USA.

I want to share with you some of her inspirations –from the power of the heart book:

“The heart will be involved in everything that we are supposed to evolve into. We cannot see tomorrows sky, but the heart sees it. We will be directed in how we should act in tomorrow’s sky. More than likely we already know, but if we don’t, the heart will tell us if we listen” Maya Angelou

Venus (the boss of Libra where the Moon is during this Lunation) is travelling the sign of Gemini, emphasising communication; and

Mars (the boss of Aries where the sun is at the moment) is in Aquarius highlighting the uniqueness of each of us.

Mercury the planet of thinking and talking is in Pisces reminding us the importance of being kind when we communicate to others.As I mentioned before the Full Moon is challenged by Jupiter and Pluto union… metaphorically, the challenge we are all living at the moment in our world needing to transform our way of living in order to save lives.

I meant we have to keep distance between us due to COVID 19. Therefore COMMUNICATION IS THE ONLY WAY TO KEEP CLOSE TO EACH OTHER.

Maya Angelou offers a tip to improve communication overall when we are angry that I would like to share with you, REPLACE COMPLAINTS WITH REQUESTS

HOW? Just ask! Form the intention and make the request with love.When you make a conscious decision to communicate do it from your heart and then you will improve the chances of getting a comparable response.

Much love Ceci


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