March 2019 Astrology

March is here earlier that we thought and here are the highlights:

We “pay attention” to anything that engages our senses. March is a month to turn our attention to our internal world: emotions, feelings, and sensations but overall to our ideas to FEED OUR DREAMS.

Mercury retrogrades in Pisces: have a seat or take a walk along the par, take some deep breaths and tune into your body, or go to a gentle and awareness-based yoga or meditation class. Farb’s research suggests that we have an inbuilt ability to calm ourselves down. We just need to take a deep breath. 

Venus Just entered in Aquarius for us to feel the freedom to do things the way we want: She is not much about creativity but more about exploring new ways to get what we want!

This month with Venus in Aquarius Uranus enters in Taurus: They will be giving each other a hand… In my opinion, Uranus re-entering the land of Venus will bring a suddenly change wherever we are comfortable and Venus this month will help how to explore a new way to find our security using our unique talents!! Note: Uranus will be in Taurus until 2025–26.

The New Moon occurs in Pisces at 3:03 am en Pisces hugged by Neptune to plant new dreams for the year ahead as the New Astrology Year starts on 21st March when the Sun enters to Aires! Under the Full Moon in Libra asking us to negotiate with Venus in Aquarius will be challenging Mars in Taurus.

There will be a lot of movement in the sky but Mercury will ask us to revise& rethink before we make actions… Mars will change to Gemini on March 31st and with Mercury direct 2 days before (29 March making April a month to make decisions!

Have a Great Month of March

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