Mars in Cancer forms harmony with Venus to channel anger into creativity…

Mars is in Cancer and out of bounds in our sky – OOB means out of the sight of the Sun. “When a planet’s orb declination exceeds 23°28′ north or South, it is described as being Out of Bounds. There are no shades of gray here, nothing gradual or subtle. Right at that point, something clicks.” Steven Forrest.

OOB operates just like a wild card! And Mars in Cancer tends to hold… and hold… until the water gets spilt out of the jug… in Spanish we have an expression: “it is so much water into the jug that it breaks” but I think a better equivalent expression in English is: “It’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back”.

Anyhow the idea is that  we need to be careful with the accumulation of annoyances under Mars in Cancer and out of the guidance of the Sun… channelling our excess of energy in a constructive way… not to let  the last drop overflow the glass of water.

Mars is smiling to Venus in Taurus … If we put effort connecting with love to a goal or a project, we have creativity and energy to work with …that  is the way to use the cosmic water that Mars in Cancer has.

Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon and the Moon will be for the next 3 days- from June 13th at 9:45 am until Jun 15th at 8:18 pm – in the original sign of Aquarius!!! We can give birth to something that sparks a new stage of a project or ideas we are developing in our lives.

Have a great day © Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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